In 2019 Granfondo NCA-Nice-Matin will offer you two courses :

The Culture Vélo (129 km and 2500m D+) and the DT Swiss  (101 km and 1830m D+) in order to honor the two renewed sponsors of Sprinter club de Nice.


For the most part both races share the same course, but the main difficulty of the Culture Vélo, which is Col St Roch, is replaced by the easier Col de Calaïsson on the DT Swiss.


With a start at Nice-Matin headquarters, cyclists will ride up the Val valley by following a race convoy with limited speed through Castagniers until the first climb, Col d’Aspremont (8,7 km, 510m D+, 5,8%). After the descent on Tourrette-Levens, cyclists will tackle the two split climb to Col de Chateauneuf, which was part of Paris Nice in 2017 (5,4 km, 248m D+, 4,6%). At the end of the descent to Contes , the two courses will split as follows :


The DT Swiss turns right before the climb to Col de Calaïsson (6,4 km, 287m D+, 4,4%) and then it rides down to Col de Nice where it reaches the course of the Culture Vélo.


Once in Contes, the Culture Vélo  turns left towards Col St Roch via Coaraze (21,15 km, 793m D+, 3,7%). This climb includes some sections of descents, but it becomes very hard in the last 6 km with an average gradient of 7% and in some portions with an average gradient of 12%, demanding you a prudent approach. The descent towards Lucéram and just after L'Escarène will delight cyclists loving landscapes and hairpin curves. Once l'Escarène passed, Col de Nice (1km, 50m D+, 5%) will make impatient racers suffer. The rest of the course is the same as the of the DT Swiss with the climb of Col de Chateauneuf on the other side(6,6 km, 433m, 6,5%) and then Col d'Aspremont (4km, 152m D+, 3,8%). The finish is on the top of Col d'Aspremont, which represents the end of the timed race as last year.

After that, all cyclists will ride safely the last part of the course through the urban areas of the hills around Nice. 

Granfondo Nice by le Sprinter Club de Ni